"My experience at "Summer Solstice SpiritFest: Conscious Awakening" in June of 2019 can 
                                        barely be described with mere words. It must be felt to fully comprehend the significance of that
                                        weekend. Profound connections were made which will persist lifelong, perhaps longer. I met
                                        people I already knew, long lost souls I've known for eternity. It was our time to gather together
                                        again, a family reunion in the most magnificent location I have ever been. Transformation occurred for those who attended this phenomenal event. It was loving and giving, a deeply spiritual healing experience in my life, and even that statement does not do it justice. I have been altered, and remain forever grateful for the bountiful gifts bestowed."
  ~ Andrea Perron  

                                      “The energy of Spirit fest is amazing. I have been so blessed to not only be an audience member
                                       but also a speaker at the Spirit fest event. The high vibrational energy of this sacred space is
                                       palpable and the people that are drawn to participate are incredibly like-minded and loving. It is
                                       an amazing experience to come together with the intention of awakening through such a loving
                                       and supportive environment. Sheila Seppi and her team creates the perfect place to expand your awareness and to heal on all levels. I highly recommend this sacred experience.”  ~  Vicki Warner


                                        “The mountains and valleys of Leadville hold a healing energy that is palpable, and the sacred 
                                         grounds that Spirit Fest was held on drew an array of people who, likewise, were dialed in to
                                         those same vibrations. I came in on a whim, with an open mind, and I left with a feeling that all
                                         the intuitions I had held about the subtler natures of energy, consciousness, and this existence
                                         were confirmed. Mainstream culture seems to always want to distract us away from these
                                         truths about what we truly are. But no matter where on this Earth or within the cosmos that we originated, we truly are beings of light and love who have the power to change our world, along with the world of those we share this beautiful existence with. Through the power of intention, elevated emotion, and sustained application, we are capable of anything. It all starts with the heart, and there is no shortage of that within this very special community that I am so grateful to have stumbled upon.”  ~ Andrew Nordyke

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