We Need Your Help to Build the

Conscious Awakening Greenhouse Center

  The mission of SpiritWay Ministries is to serve as a catalyst for focused body/mind/spirit healing and transformation on an individual 
  and group basis, and to help prepare humanity for the Ascension.   

  We maintain that by helping to change and heal the body/mind/spirit of an individual, we are helping to change the 
  world, one person at a time.  We know that what affects the individual affects the whole of humanity so we focus the
  individual on what they can become. 

  We are a non-profit church in the state of Colorado that focuses solely on body/mind/spirit healing and expansion since    2007. 


  Exterior look of the dome:

  Floor Area: 1,300 square feet
  Height: 16 ft. 6 in

  Interior outer walls of the dome will boast green life all year long adding to the unique interior environment of the 
  Conscious Awareness Center. 

  Suspended from the ceiling, in the middle of the Center will be a 7 ft. Angelic Gateway Merkaba.  And on the floor,
  another 7 ft. Merkaba for a powerhouse of energy. 


  The CAGC will serve as a sanctuary and provide a structure for healing, workshops, speaking engagements, Yoga Dance, meditation,   
  spiritual gatherings, ceremonies and more.  Additionally, there will be over 750 square feet available for community gardening!


  Please Consider Giving a Tax-Free Donation to SpiritWay and becoming our partner in build the Conscious Awakening Greenhouse 
  Center.  Donations can be received via check at PO Box 1961, Leadville, CO . 80461 or at PayPal using Sheila@SpiritWayWellness.com. 
  You can also click on the donation button.  A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. 

  42 ft Growing Dome® Classic Kit from Growing Spaces 

  The 42 ft. dome greenhouse kits include:

      UV resistant, shatter-proof, insulating  polycarbonate glazing panels

      A full set of pre-cut, color-coded struts, hubs and framing plus all hardware

      Solar attic fan on top, electric cooling fans on bottom

      A solar powered Climate control system

      Reflectix insulation

      Select materials for the above ground pond

      Shade cloth

      2 Snowshed entryways with a door with a window

      24” foundation wall with structural siding

      Drip edge flashing

  Basic Cost
  Multi-wall (16mm) 42 ft. Classic Kit – ($29/sq. ft.) –      48,000 
  Stem walls/concrete floor                                                        15,000
  Heating system                                                                              2,000
  Building labor cost, lodging food                                              5,000
  Interior finishes, flooring, walls, soil, plants                       15,000          

  Total Cost                                                                                     85,000                                                                      

  This will be constructed on the Seppi property and will be available for use for the SpiritWay Community.  It is our vision that you will
  join us in creating this unique, one-of-a-kind Conscious Awakening Greenhouse Center.