Innovator, Music Therapist, Bio-Feedback , Energy Technology


Jack Stucki received a national and international award for his work in developing and implementing technologies to assist in humanity’s awakening. His efforts have been acknowledged in books by Elmer Green, Claude Swanson, Jean Millay, and Mark Macy and in articles by Celia Coates and others. The fractal beings that work with him communicate with love, compassion and humor with the intention of accelerating mankind’s rightful place within the Galactic Federation.


Jack's main interest lies in using high technology to explore subtle energies, culminating in the current use of and research with the Bio-luminator and constructing energy clearing devices, such as Sacred Space Generators. This presentation will encompass Jack’s encounters with some wonderful fractal beings that have appeared and communicated with him over the past few years, including one who allowed Jack to photograph him. 

Contact:  stucki@socolo.net

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