Awakening Wednesday’s

SpiritWay Wellness, EagleVail

6:00PM – 8:00PM

1st Wednesday:    Healing Shares – Anyone who wishes to give and receive healing

2nd Wednesday:   Jack-in-the-Box Forum – Open discussion and experience sharing - Don

3rd Wednesday:    Sacred Geometry Circle – A new symbol studied and discussed each month - Fernando

4th Wednesday:    Light Language Healing Circle – Heal through breath work and Light Language– Yemanya


Requested gift for Fernando and Yemanya’s classes - $25

Wild Goddess Sisterhood 2020

SpiritWay Wellness, EagleVail

Third Sunday of the Month

11:30am - 3:00pm

Requested donation:  $55

During the 2020 The Wild Goddess Sisterhood gatherings, women will learn self-protection, grounding, shielding using a  variety of Rays, the sacred rays,  Ascended masters, the Elohim, the sacred flames and the Goddesses energies.  These teachings will be offered once a month in an atmosphere of love, light heartedness and sacred fun.   At least one Goddess excursion will take place during the year.